Coaster Quips : Royal-Tea & bugs

“Love feels like bugs crawling on you but you just sit there and wait to get bit instead of squashing it.” Gina giggled and ran off to continue playing. I looked up at my friend Nic and said. “Your 6 year-old needs therapy. ” 

Nic – haha I’m not sure how she’s more like you than me.

Me – Whaat ?

Nic – (laughing) In that she makes great nonsensical analogies.

Me – Cute Nic. Pffft. I think it’s brilliant! Is it child labor if she ghost-writes my blog ?

Nic – Do you need therapy? ( slides a mug to me )

Me – Falling feels like a bug bite !

Nic – Ha! For me, the falling is easy it’s the picking up after it is over that’s hard.

Me – Girl you do fall like a boss.

Nic – Drop it like it’s hot.

Me – …or like you are being poisoned by the love bug.

Nic – drink your tea, dutchess of dramatics.

Me – (calling out to the living room)  Did you hear that Gina ? Your mommy thinks I’m royalty.

Gina – ( pokes her head around the corner ) Yea, she thinks she’s a princess. I guess that makes me a queen.

I look at Nic & she looks at me … and we laugh quietly ( as to not disrupt the Queen.)




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