3 Apps to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Happen


Ugh – are you hungover too ? (No not the Tequila kind…the Holiday kind)

The ” Holiday Hangover ” is the afterwards of the snacking, shopping & party extravaganza…once all the festivities are over we are left with more on our bones & little left in our wallet.

Here are 3 Free apps that have helped me keep my resolutions !

More Sleep – Sleepbot app.
Sleepbot has features that remind you when to go to bed, automatically reduces phone interruptions during the times you designate and offers a report to let you know how you slept! My favorite feature is the sleep cycle alarm, that will wake you within the time frame you want to get up & within the best time for your sleep cycle to make waking up EASIER!

Saving money – Ibotta app.
I never remember to coupon but I shop and love saving money! Who…

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