Parks & Reckz

I am SO glad to finally give you a bonafide TV reason to follow Tequilatudes children ! 

1 – so I’m catching up on shows and Donna on Parks & Rec was totally talking about Saturn’s Arrival. #tequilatudesSaidItFirst.

Check it – 10/1/2013!!!! Boom

Annnnd. on the show, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (GGTD), Lyla calls the cops to tattle on a tipsy driver. I totally suggested my friend do that a week prior to get a peacock of a gal (sexy accent to boot) kinda arrested and deported…in my idea’s defense it’s not like anything BAD would have happened if she wasn’t drunk driving.

At any rate …( no. My friend did not use that suggestion) (( but I totally referenced the show to her to prove that it happens))

You hear it first here!

( …but no joke last week on GGTD I saw where it’s a thing ( STUPID thing) to soak tampons in booze to get buzzed with no calories. THAT is balls crazy and the characters who did it just caught their hoo-haas on fire. SMH. Who does this kinda crap ?!??? Follow directions! It’s a DRINK… You sip it not stick it…. Ooh. #tacky)

Speaking of drink – cheers mates 😉



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