Sparkling dimness …

*written Aug 9th 2014*

He was a Virgo. Of course. One in a million. Each and every one of them.

I’m pondering my last week in a world-wind perfect relationship… at ironically, a post college bar.

I look around & these 20+s don’t have an idea of what will last and what won’t.

And in my thirties I take another tequila shot (to sip) and remember…

When I was single.
When I was in love.
When I was in sadness of love loss. When I was looking for new.

If you are feeling old, no matter your station in life, regardless of age…try sitting in one of these hangouts that is younger than your comfortable-zone.

It is the best I can offer you, the gift of refection compounded by wisdom.

Sigh. For me the theme is never give up on yourself… and always give up on someone that won’t deliver.

(Can I do that now? I am trying but I am a sensitive heart.)

Is it the truth??? Absofuckingloutly.image


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