Simple explanation for the battle of the sexes

I read a recent interview with Vince Vaughn, in it he comments on how he disagrees with how men approach dating.

The article quotes him disagreeing with the manipulation tactic often used to make a woman feel bad enough about herself to date a guy.

Though shocking & bad – it happens & it works. Women are a breeding ground for socially instilled insecurity, then there are individual insecurities. It’s the perfect scam…but why does it work !?

Desire for human companionship is in males & females however- the desired type of company is the dating impasse.

Males typically want a woman as a cure to loneliness ( when he is lonely.)
Females typically want a man to cure to loneliness ( constantly for partnership.)

Going back to the beginning – in Biblical mythology,  Adam was created & as a cure to loneliness Eve was created.

Eve was built to be alongside Adam & in theory only knew & understood partnership.  Hmm.

If we go back farther into Eden mythology, Lilith was created alongside Adam with the same independent nature. Often depicted as a dark haired maven, Lilith was banished for not bearing children or being submissive & basically got the street cred for being the demon villain causing crib death in the Middle Ages.

So today – we have guys that evade serious relationships & women who seek it out veraciously willing to do anything to be the “apple” of her man’s eye.

Today – women who are older and never have been married are demonized for dating, for screwing, for being damaged because they have never been picked by a man in marriage.

All through time we have heard of these unpartnered women as : spinster, the witches, the sluts, and now the singles … women are equal to men everywhere but in the minds of both women & men.

Were some of us born to be Lilith’s & others born to be Eve’s ?

I have to wonder, is it as simple as ying/yang ? For every Eve out there, is there a Lilith ?

Were some women created to be alone ?



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