Coaster Quips: whatchamacallit

Setting – Average afternoon lunch with various colleagues on the patio of a bistro. The conversation turns to relationships.


James, 23 year old, “Well, I’ve had like three cougars.”

Me-(snapping back into conversation after looking at my phone) “You who-a-what. what?”

James- “Relationships… I have experience with cougars, I’ve dated three of them.”

Shandra, 40+ year old, “Well, isn’t that something?! James, if you like older women then maybe I should introduce you to my friend…” (picks up phone to look for a picture of the friend)

Nic, 30+ years old, reaches for Shandra’s arm like she’s trying to stop a train wreck. “Waaaiiit a second, Shandra.” ( Nic looks at James )  “James, what is a cougar to you. How old is that?”

James- (serious voice, as if to educate the group) “A cougar is  woman over thirty that still wants to have sex.”

Shandra – (puts down her phone and speaks to James flatly) “Oh sweetie, that’s not a COUGAR! That’s called UN-MARRIED. “


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