Coaster Quips : Cheese me not

At Nic’s house going through her dresser to find my earrings she borrowed.

Me- Um, hun, why is there bread in your drawer?

Nic – Oh god…

Me – I’m just going to set it up here so you won’t forget to … (looks at her) hun, why is there bread in your dresser? (laughing)

Nic – So I went out last night . I woke up this morning feeling woozy, stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee and found a can of biscuits all over the counter.

Me- What?

Nic – Yea, and biscuits on a baking sheet, at least those were cooked.

Me –  (looking at Nic amused)

Nic- …. And I had put a post-it on the butter that said “not cheese”.

Me – Butter looks like cheese?! What did you drink?!!

Nic –  Wellll, you know I get that white cheddar in a bar and slice it myself. Best I can figure is I assumed the butter was cheese and the note was like a Public Service Announcement for myself.

Me- That’s hysterical!

Nic- (shaking her head)  New levels of tipsy logic… omg. I wrote a note to my self in case I tried eating butter again.
Me – Dang right, stupid butter…can’t fool ya twice!

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