The thing about mornings…

Evil time of day when dreams are over… literally. pfft.  I am NOT a morning person, well, at least not the conventional morning.

I woke up at 5 today – well 5:30.  It was so dark and quiet and promising! Early morning is this magical place where I felt I had time and the world to myself and my mug. I did laundry did some creative pintresting, mainlined some coffee, and now once the sun is up… I am displeased and want to hide in my bed. ( sigh).
What was magical and divine, has now turned to “bullshit morning” once the sun came up. It is a scary place with loud shrieking alarms, traffic, real pants and work – and I don’t like it!
This is going to be a very adult level 4 pout fest. I am contemplating my life choices looking at my coffee cup that has printed on it the words, ” it’s all good” and I am thinking, “Really? Coffee, I trust you but this is bullshit.” I am now entertaining the things I would rather do then put on a bra and leave the house… and THAT list is kinda frightening so I won’t share. ( things like being a professional micro-penis photographer and cat bath giver.)
Music is playing and the happy playlist bubbling out of my Spotify is testing me now. Every song reminding me my freedom is ticking away and I am suddenly aware of every second and I feel rushed.
The thing with mornings is, I would rather sit on a broomstick.
#howwitchescametobe ? hmm …   Good Luck out there today. xo

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